Plasma Versus LCD – LED

Plasma Versus LCD – LED

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On July 6, 2012


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All LED TVs are in reality LCD Televisions, they simply use LEDs as their lighting source.

When Comparing Light Output Signal ( the brightness of tv ). The champion here is the LED LCD and the loss goes to Plasma. In a bright room during the day a plasma would probably be difficult to see. When we’re talking Black levels the Champion is Plasma and the Loss goes to LCD. So the best option for black levels is Plasma, then LCD LED and the loser is CCFL LCD. When comparing viewing angle Plasma wins again. When it comes to Power Consumption the clear winner is LCD LED or LED. Usually LCD Tvs are the cheaper option and LED-LCD is the most expensive.

Incase you may be worried regarding the Plasma burn in issue, well don’t. All Tv’s can face burn in issue if it’s not taken care of. All newer HDTVs don’t have this issue these days. If any Plasma, LED, LCD sits for long periods and hours at a time with out the picture changing they can experience a burn in issue. This is not common place though among latest TV models.

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